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Alyssa Layne has over 20 years of experience spanning across many different dance forms. With 16 years of Ballet training in West Palm Beach Florida, she has performed with studios and companies such as Demetrius Klein Dance Company, Susan Lyle's Dance Company (Now Ballet East), Florida School for Dance Education, and Miami City Ballet. 

At the age of 18 she transitioned her passion for ballet, acrobatics, and contemporary dance to ballroom. Alyssa Learned American Smooth and Rhythm, training and teaching for 3 years. After she transitioned to Johnny and Lisa dance where she has had many wonderful opportunities in the ballroom world including competing with students as well as being part of the winning couple for Dancing with the Local Stars here in Naples. She continues to grow her expertise and competes professionally with her dance partner Terry Lee. She love working with people and feels accomplished when she helps others discover their passions in dance and in life.

Terry Lee has over 15 years of dance experience in American Smooth and Rhythm dance. As a child he trained in gymnastics and martial arts, giving him a good foundation for dance. He first started learning Salsa and Bachata, after which he discovered his love for dance and took up Ballroom dancing. Terry trains constantly in his pursuit to be a champion in Cabaret and compete in American Rhythm with his partner Alyssa Layne. He is exceptional in bringing a better understanding of dance to his students so that they can learn with as much ease as possible. Terry gains a great feeling of achievement and pride in helping others find the same love for dance that he has. 

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Nery Garcia is the founder, owner and director for DanceSWFL.  Nery is the original founder and creator of Elegant Rumba Dance Company, established in 2008.  His is credited with being one of the "World's Best Leads" by world-renown salsa dancer "Edie, the Salsa Freak" and is featured on her "World's Best Leads" DVD series.  He was also a featured contetant on "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 4 on FOX.  He was also a featured dancer on MTV's MADE "MADE into a Salsa Dancer" episode.

Nery Garcia is mostly known for the millions that follow his unique Elegant Salsa Style on YouTube; making him a Salsa YOUTUBE SENSATION.  Nery's celebrity status and extraordinary teaching draws people from all over the world to come train with him.

Pavlo starts his professional dance career in 1980 as a member of "Estet" Ballroom Company in Lviv (Ukraine).  From 1982 through 1986 he became a principal dancer of "Evrica" Dance Company (Moscow, Russia) and twice won a champion title in International Style Standard in Formation teams competition in the former Soviet Union. 

In 1987, Pavlo moved back to Ukraine where he founded the ballroom dance company "Aelita".  With his dance partner Tetyana, Pavlo placed first, second and third places as a amateur first and then in various professional competitions throughout western Europe.  Other credits include the development of children's dance formation movements and the foundation of TV dance programs in Lviv, Ukraine, directing and choreographing show performances in United Arab Emirates (1994-1995) and Turkey (1996).  In 1995, Pavlo's personal dancing and teaching achievements were recognized by Ukraine's Dance Sport Association, presenting him with the highest award. 

Pavlo has taught at "Stepping Out" dance studios in Manhattan, New York since 1988.  During his 16 years there, he and his students competed and won in many competitions across the country, such as the Pro-Am Manhattan Dance Championships and Emerald Ball Championships in Los Angeles.